Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New (light) verse -- ("My stomach represents my heart")

to the tune of ... (another obvious one)



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Thursday, 16 February 2012

new (light) verse

(to the tune of, well, i guess it's obvious)

Heaven, I’m in Seven,
with its drink and groc’ry choices quite unique
and I seem to find the products that I seek,
in five thousand stores located cheek to cheek.

Seven, I’m in Heaven,
where the staff don’t care if I just take a leak,
browse the papers without paying for my peek
or buy coffee that’s too costly and too weak.

On Sundays I shop at Carrefour,
for prices beyond critique,
but I have to admit it’s Seven,
which sees me through the week.

Books, news and magazines,
I like what’s smart about you,
that elevating you,
like a staircase to…

Heaven, I’m in Seven,
with its drink and groc’ry choices quite unique,
but too much fat so my heart can hardly beat
and a whole year’s salt allowance in a week.

The politely-trained employees
don’t give me any cheek
when I order a vibrator, they
don’t treat me like a freak.

[Dietrich style] Bier, chips und cigarettes,
I like what’s bad about Du,
Darum liebe Ich Dich
Und Was kommt nach Sechs?

Seven, I’m in [Seventh] Heaven,
with its fax and printing options quite unique
as I seem to find the services I seek,
In five thousand stores located
… (in a) million stores located
… (a) gazillion stores located
cheek to cheek

([fade, choose from:] cheek to cheek … I ain’t no freak … Ca c’est magnifique … Irving, surely “losing streak”? … this song still needs a tweak … and I need another leak … wow my socks sure do reek)

[ca. 2m30s+ instrumental intro and breaks]

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

some pics

got some nice pics in Yeliu this week:

for more see http://photos-ftaiwan-jiyueimages.blogspot.com/

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Sunday, 5 February 2012

New (light) verse

I recently woke up from a dream in which my legs were lettuces and, among other things, i was being chased down the street by a herd of sheep ...

my apologies for the rhymes; if i had chosen the topic, my legs could have been some nice rhymable thing like beans or leeks or ... but lettuces they were

also, apparently "peckish" means something completely different in US English; in British English it means "slightly hungry"

enough! here's the poem:

The Day My Legs Turned to Lettuce

One day, I woke to find my legs had turned to lettuce,
completely green, from my toes up to my … belt-ish,
well, that was no problem as I was feeling peckish,
so I simply showered in vinaigrette and ate green salad for my breakfast.

I opened a self-grown self-serve vegan restaurant,
serving hippies from Lisboa to Sebastapol,
and I also raised packs of long-haired rabbits,
from which I took wool and made alpaca jackets.

I had to take care, though, when going out of doors,
or I’d be chased by herds of herbivores,
by cows and sheep and other animals,
as well, of course, by those damned hippy cannibals.

[CHORUS] One day, I woke to find my legs had turned to lettuce
well, there was no problem when I was feeling peckish,
so long as I did not succumb to that habitual menace,
of ending up as food in caterpillars’ bellies.

A polite Polish policeman once doffed his hat,
as a leder-hosened German enquired “Kaufs du kopfsalat?”,
meanwhile a salad-mad French artist named Toulouse,
screamed at me “Je voudrais manger your bloody let-ouse.”

[Chorus] One day, I woke to find my legs had turned to lettuce,
well, there was no problem when friends were feeling peckish,
of course, come winter, things could get quite hellish,
as only Russians still eat salad when the weather’s wettish.

With my lettuce ankles and lettuce knees,
I needed to hide my legs from ravenous Cantonese,
from chopstick-wielding Japanese politely saying “itadakimasu”,
and cabbage-missing Koreans hoping to make their kimchi at last.

[CHORUS] One day, I woke to find my legs had turned to lettuce,
well, there was no problem if I was feeling peckish,
and some day, I know I’ll find true love, perhaps in Venice
from a dirty-minded Italian with a green-foot fetish.

Maybe I should look for love within my kingdom,
for someone with baby-corn fingers with no ring on,
or whose own legs are slender asparagus spears,
but preferably who does not have cauliflower ears.

Sometimes I hide my legs when I go on a date,
elsetimes, I just lean back and spread them on a plate,
nonchalantly saying to my sweetie,
“Darlin’, if you’re hungry, you go ahead and eat me.”

[Chorus] Well, that’s all to tell about when my legs turned to lettuce
completely green, from my toes up to my … belt-ish,
my story’s done, there’s no more to embellish,
unless, of course, it’s you who now feels peckish.


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